About Us

Established in 2019, Beryl was founded on the idea of making quality simplistic jewelry for everyday wear. Our goal is to spread positive energy through our jewelry. We make handcrafted pieces using 925 sterling silver metals- everything down to the crimp covers are sterling silver.

We carry precious and semi-precious Gemstone jewelry, handcrafted pieces represent a blend of modern and traditional looks. Each product is simple, elegant easy to carry and unique in pattern. Our most popular products are bracelets, necklaces, pearl hand-knotted necklaces, and rings. We used natural/faceted/cut and cobs stones, all non-allergic to skin.


Sterling silver is the most shining metal of all the precious metals. Most people prefer to wear sterling silver jewelry because they love the bright, glorious look of jewelry. Long time ago, in 16th and 17th century people of Bali, Peru, Mexico, India, and Egypt loved the lure and luster of silver. From that era to modern times, the affordable pricing of silver has become a preferred choice of top jewelry designers to use for creating jewelry and home décor pieces. 

"Sterling silver 925" is a benchmark for beautiful high-end silver jewelry. It's 92.5% pure silver, mixed with metal alloys, copper and zinc, to add the desired strength and durability to make long lasting jewelry. The oxidized and antique glow on silver makes it uniquely different and lovable.
Natural Gemstone jewelry has immense spiritual and physical healing properties. When you wear gemstone jewelry in a form of Pendant, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets, their energy spreads in all directions, enhances your body and aura, boosting all chakras of our body. It also gives tremendous positive radiant vibes to family, the individual, and peers.

In the past, we met some of renowned vendors, miners & artisans particularly from Bali, India, Brazil & USA, built up our knowledge about gemology, stones strength, and their chakras that helped us to understand the characteristics of Gemstones. We love nature, especially the ocean, mountains, lakes, and lush green lands. I find beauty in the simple things in life, that has given me an inspiration for making heart touching jewelry. 
We provide top quality customer services and after-sale service to our clients. We trust our expertise and believe on the pillars of transparency. We are highly focused, provide a range of choices, to customers who seeks excellent value and quality for what they are paying.