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Our stunning bracelets are handcrafted with solid 925 silver to make such a brilliant piece that lasts for lifetime. We stand out behind our product and the quality of natural gemstones which we used in making our jewelry. While we process the design of our quality Bracelet, we keep in mind always about uniqueness of our valued  customer. The pieces are crafted for individuals who are as unique as our jewelry is. Bracelet is always in demand, never go out of style. Fashion trends dramatically and generally changes the style, but they come and go always.

Bracelets are one of the most beautiful and embellishment forms of personal expression and treasure – Always in fashion, never show a sign of becoming less popular. Star pieces are always there and in demand, they can change your look for expressing your personality and lifestyle, whether wearing tennis bracelet, chunky bangles in layers, chain bracelets, Bali & beads bracelets, cuff & bangles, gemstones bracelets, Cable or leather bracelet.  Whatever, style you choose for, it always has an exclusive place in your collection for the bracelet.  Jewelry lovers invest in valuable personalized  jewelry pieces depend on their choices and affordability. Don’t worry in our collection; we have included the trendiest bracelets with a lot of choices and preferences for you to try out for both men and women. Beryl, care about value and the quality. Our prices are genuine and reasonable to shop.

Like any jewelry, bracelets require proper care and maintenance to ensure their longevity. Handle them with care, with the given instructions; avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals or excessive heat. Wrap them in a muslin cloth; store them separately in an air-tight container to prevent scratching, tangling or color discoloration.

We are always open to our valued customer and offer exchange and return based on our structured policies. You may return our jewelry, purchased on line, for an exchange or Refund. Return within 30 days from the date of original purchase and the delivery. While returning purchased items, please make sure that the pieces are in perfect original condition with the original packaging. We cannot take it back if pieces have any sign of wear and tear or alteration. It's subject to a quality assurance inspection process before items are accepted.

 For more information please review our terms & conditions and return/refund policy.


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